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Nakanihon Engineering Consultants Co.,Ltd. (NAKANIHON) is an engineering consulting company headquartered in Nagoya , Japan.
NAKANIHON was founded in 1964 and has grown to about 350 employees in 40 offices located all around Japan.
NAKANIHON has been ranked one of the top 50 consulting companies and one of the top 10 water supply and sewerage consulting companies by Nikkei ranking.
Our Visions
NAKANIHON maintains strong client relationships through high quality performance. NAKANIHON provides a wide range of consultant tasks from investigation, planning, feasibility study, design, to site supervision and management.
Our clients include governments, local authorities and private companies.
Our goal is client's satisfaction.
For more details please contact us via
TEL :(81)-52-232-6053
FAX :(81)-52-221-7832
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